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Dear Travelers!

Welcome to Shivam Travels, your Travel Agency, closest to you.

Shivam Travels is a travel agency company that wants the most competitive and available to serve you and especially to reassure you that you can travel safely. We make available to all those who like to travel, the purchase of your ticket at your destination, to travel advice, the hotel of your choice, at lower cost. We offer the best rates with competent services for a more demanding with customers like you who like to travel safely and in comfort.

We offer a variety of companies with rates that are within your reach. We also offer the best accommodation options in your host country, including our car rental services and tourism that meet your needs wherever you are.

Your requirement and satisfaction make us the best today in the field of agencies Company since May 2010 in Benin.
Trust us and we take care of everything. With Shivam Travels, traveling would be happy for you!
Your Travel Agency Company, Shivam Travels guarantees good trip and a great time in the most beautiful countries of the world.
If you want to offer holiday moments with your family and you still hesitate about the destination that is best for you, we offer the best destinations and the best prices in all countries around the world: France, United States, Bangkok...
Just make your choice.

Shivam Travels offers many next -generation services according to your expectations and requirements. Contact us for the following services: ticketing, car rental luxury, money transfers, hotel booking, and tourism...
Ticketing: it is the editing and automatic provisioning of your airline tickets to any destination in the world whatever your departure city or destination, Shivam Travels Agency find you the best combinations and report Quality / Price. Your airline tickets at home, at your office or counter at your departure airport, please just ask.
Car rental: Through this service, we offer you next-generation car rental luxury, comfortable cheaper and immediately available.

Money transfer: your concern is to send money to a parent, child, partner or other person, Shivam Travels offers its services. Make your transfers both inside and outside your country. Make your transfers now so safely and in record time
Booking: book your hotel in countries of your choice with best accommodation conditions. We offer prices at your purse.
Tourism: Take advantage of our services and also our conditions in order to better discover your dream country and especially the wonderful sites they host. You will be accompanied in your hiking by the best guides we have.
Shivam Travels, Your travelling partner!

Who are we?

The airline is now happening to men and therefore becomes essential to move from one place to another around the world. Also to demystify the stigma and other conditions associated with this situation, in order to make more competitive the world of Company in Benin, Shivam Travels was created and offers several services that allow you to travel in good conditions.
You have the option of:
• travel as you wish
• make the tour as you wish with guides who are very experienced.
Established in effect since May 2010 at Cotonou in Benin, Boulevard Saint Michel in front of ATC BEKO, Shivam Travels is a Travel Agency Company air in destination of all countries of the world, and offering the best conditions in this way for your enjoyment.
We offer a variety of companies with rates that are within your reach. We also offer the best opportunities:
• Accommodation in your host country
• Our car rental
• Tourism
All this to meet your desires anywhere.
Your requirement and satisfaction make us the best today in the field of travel agencies.
Trust us. With Shivam Travels, travel would be a moment of joy for you!
With Shivam Travels only you can count the wonders of the world tourism!
With Shivam Travels you live your dreams!


Whatever your city of departure or destination, Shivam Travels Agency finds for you best combinations and report quality / price.
Your airline tickets at home, at your office or counter of your departure airport, just ask, and we’ll serve you.

our principles

  • 1
    • To promote and develop the tourism potential in Asia.
    • Facilitating trade between the countries of the sub region by establishing partnerships to set foot set trade policy and marketing strategies of our tourism products.
    • Initiate and encourage foreign partners to invest in the tourism industry.
  • 2
    Develop strategies to promote tourism in Asia to encourage tourism partners and more interest in Asian countries.

What we offer

Insurance   Tourism

• Customer orientation
• Reservation of airline seats
• competitive rates Search
• Ticket Issuance
• Registration and baggage
after sales services
  • Global support and subsidiary EL VIA / Allianz:
• Obtaining Visa for Schengen
• Medical coverage for illness
• eventual repatriation coverage in Benin
• Capital Profit for death
  • Organisation et gestion de sorties à travers les pays.
• Organisation de tours et divertissement.
• Elaboration et vente de circuits touristiques.
• Fournitures d’hôtesses et/ou chauffeurs.
• Organisation de croisières.
• Vente d’objets d’art.
• Tours organisés.
Our car rental   Money transfer   Event
In collaboration with more than 783 companies throughout the country, we can find you the right car at the right place at the right price.  
    Money Transfer simply, quickly and securely, currency exchange in the world, the best rates in the best locations.
  Shivam Travels also assist you in organizing all your manifestations. Weddings, symposiums, his talented young staff makes your job easier by taking care of everything. Decoration, choice of place, in short, all the details of the organization so that your ceremony whatsoever, was highly successful and remains etched in the memory of all your guests.
• Provision of hostesses for events:
• Seminars, conferences.
• Decorating Service.


"A dynamic and devote at your service for your different stay in ASIA and worldwide." Thank you for your trust.

Georges Shivam
Manager of agency