Bangkok was founded in 1782 by the first monarch of the present Chakri dynasty. The city is now the spiritual, cultural, diplomatic, commercial and educational Thailand. Bangkok covers an area of over 1,500 km2....More


Australia! Country of extremes, full of contrasts, culture and outdoor fun ... We could play forever on the themes evoking the distance, the scenery breathtaking, the new Eldorado, the distant paradise....


We can now go from Paris to Beijing in 10 hours flight. If China seems less distant, its power of attraction and mystery remain. Since economic liberalization began in 1992, that became the finally accessible to travelers and backpackers.... More
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Welcome to Bangkok! The Thai capital masterfully cultivates excess without restraint. Insatiable, she craves greatness, concrete, shopping centers and traffic.

Characteristics that have made the good (or bad) reputation of Bangkok, it is primarily the telescoping of opposites attracted. The modern opulence revolves around a traditional peaceful heart. You can go from a four star hotel with the feel of a typical Siamese village where taxi drivers are drinking energy drinks eating grilled chicken on street barbecues or be privileged to witness the activity of famous temples and shrines in the city or simple acts of kindness in the urban tumult.


The trip to China often begins with a visit to Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. You have to walk long hours in the streets invaded by cars and bicycles to measure the speed of change today at work in this country. Yunnan to Jiangsu, the wind also blows of technical progress in the countryside. Fortunately, Pingyao, Dali and other small towns of the interior, we still believe in old prints....

This is a country of 1.37 billion people who wants to integrate into the global economy, but does not he risk of selling too fast his soul to the devil?
Not easy to discover in 3 weeks a vast country as 17 times France.

Monster capital of nearly 13 million people, Tokyo is striking for its extreme modernity coupled with the reassuring humanity Japanese. The buildings alongside the parks and the city, when we begin to know, is more horizontal than vertical. Metropolis anarchic architecture and the extraordinary vitality, Tokyo offers contradictory sensations to the traveler. very expensive city in constant turmoil, she knows how to constantly change.

Life in Tokyo is as a well-tuned music video with an energy bordering on madness and obsession with new trends that quickly renders obsolete ideas ... But despite the enthusiasm of the people of Tokyo tuned for modernity, metropolis retains traditional side, not always visible at first glance.

Chosen to become the capital of the Kingdom during the Joseon period (1392-1910), Seoul remained for over 600 years the capital of Korea. During the Joseon Dynasty Seoul was then designated by the name of Hanyang, it was not until 1945, during the creation of the Republic of Korea following the Japanese occupation (1910-1945) the capital took name of Seoul.

Seoul is the political, economic, social, and cultural country. The Han River runs through the city to split it into two. An area north imprint of history and culture. South the business side prevails more.
Seoul rose to the rank of international city by hosting the Asian Games in 1986 and the Olympics in 1988, and by the opening of the World Cup Korea-Japan 2002.

With iconic landmarks - the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge - a very pleasant weather, pervasive and lush, paradisiacal beaches and a bay among the fabulous world ... Sydney has undeniable assets that are of her one of the 10 most liveable cities in the world!

Its surf beaches, sparkling natural bay and the opera make Sydney an irresistible city. In addition to its marvels created by the hand of man, Sydney has many natural assets such as magnificent public gardens, islands in the bay and preserved shores. An excellent transport system and custom tours make Sydney an ideal tourist destination.

Difficult to describe the city of NEW DELHI as it is cosmopolitan. Southern residential areas to the tumult of the lanes of Old Delhi in the north, multiple Hindu temples in the mosque of the Muslim quarter of Nizamuddin, New Delhi is surprisingly rich.

Capital, it attracts many tourists but also many workers from neighboring states in search of an Eldorado. Unwelcoming at first especially because of its traffic, its pollution and its widespread poverty, a nice New Delhi nevertheless offers all those who allow themselves enough time to discover it..
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